First Delivery


As spoken about in First Started, I first started my Doterra journey way back in July this year. I was so excited as I have always come and gone on the idea of a more healthier lifestyle for my family but I have never really stuck with it.

At the time when I started I had been following my now leader on Facebook for quite some time and one of her posts was about a oil ‘concoction’ to help her son sleep. So I decided then and there that I wanted that for my daughter (she doesn’t sleep through the night and she’s 2.5 now….), so I decided to sign up.
Now, when you sign up you have 2 choices… you can either become a Wholesale customer or you can become a Wellness Advocate. And that’s what I became.
Previously I had been with Avon for 2 years and while I had said that I didn’t want to do anymore ‘at home jobs’ I decided that this seemed more to benefit my family then anything else.

So on 25th July, I placed my first order. I ordered a 5ml Juniper Berry Oil, 15ml Vetiver Oil, 15ml Lavender Oil and a Family Essentials Enrollment Kit.
And I haven’t looked back since. In fact, my oil collection is growing more and more every month.

If you would like to start your Doterra journey, please feel free to go to my Doterra page (click here ) or go to my Contact page and send me a message and I can help you get set up.

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