First Started

When I first decided that I wanted to start my Doterra journey, I went to a health food place near my house and decided to purchase a diffuser.
Now, at that stage I didn’t have any oils or any knowledge and so didn’t really know what to do but I purchased a Aroma-Lily Aromatherapy Diffuser and decided that that was it, I was going to start my Doterra journey there and then.
I went home and I purchased Lavender, Vetiver and Juniper Berry as I had seen on my now leaders Facebook page that she had used this combination in her son’s room to help him sleep and so I thought that I would give it a go.
I have since added to my collection but my diffuser has been on my nightstand since and has diffused some very different oils since. But I still love it.
And my daughter really loves it as it sounds like a water feature (she does love the water) and it changes color.
I can highly recommend this diffuser for anyone, particularly if you are starting out. Great piece to have.



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