Morning Sickness Oils

As some of you may be aware, I have recently found out I’m pregnant with baby #2.

The day after I took my pregnancy test (I took my first pregnancy test at 7pm one night…) I started to get nausea. Which I hate (I’m sure you all do…)
Now, with my last pregnancy, with my 2.5 year old, I didn’t get any symptoms so I was lucky. This time I have had nausea and a backache with occasional pain elsewhere. So I have started researching how to use essential oils for pregnancy symptoms and I came across a roller bottle blend that seemed simple enough for me to make and use and actually, when I made it, smelled so yummy.
I found the recipe on Pinterest (the link is here)
The recipe is:

I put mine in a roller-bottle and shook to mix and just put it on whenever I feel sick.
And I love how it smells and I’ve had a couple of people mention how yummy it smells so I may just keep it after all. It actually reminds me of peppermint candy so I think that may help a little.
Highly recommend it if you suffer from morning sickness 🙂

IMG_1572(Edited) (2)
My morning sickness remedy

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