My first oil…


My very first essential oil from Doterra was given to me by my now leader as I was interested in learning more about oils.

I wanted to learn how to use them to replace many of the chemicals around my home. I wanted to learn what was safe and what wasn’t. I wanted to learn to use them with my family. Especially around my 2.5 year old as she is quite susceptible to getting sick.

So I got hold of my leader and asked for a consultation but had some timing issues. We did catch up briefly which is where she gave me a roller bottle of Lavender, and also a little tiny bottle of Balance an On Guard. She also gave me some information about essential oils and their uses and dosages which I have found quite helpful.

The Lavender she gave me, which was in a roller bottle, I used alot and found that it actually helped calm me down. I remember using it when I was going to a family dinner and I was going to tell them I was pregnant. I put it on and was so calm, still nervous, but not as nervous as I had been during the day.

I do love my Lavender and I’ve been using it alot for calmness and also I have some in a roller bottle with peppermint and that’s been helping alot lately as well (I’ll talk about that later)….

If you would like to order a lavender essential oil, please feel free to visit my Doterra online store at Lily Jades Journey

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